Travellers in Africa – British Travelogues, 1850-1900

Travel, Translation and Transmedia Aesthetics – Franco-Chinese Literature and Visual Arts in a Global Age

Travel and Tourism Public Relations

Travel and Conflict in the Early Modern World

Trauma, Trust, and Memory – Social Trauma and Reconciliation in Psychoanalysis, Psychotherapy, and Cultural Memory

Trauma and Motherhood in Contemporary Literature and Culture

Trauma, Experience and Narrative in Europe after World War II

Transport in Semiconductor Mesoscopic Devices (2nd Edition)

Transnationalization and Regulatory Change in the EU’s Eastern Neighbourhood – Ukraine between Brussels and Moscow

Transnationalism in Southern African Literature – Modernists, Realists, and the Inequality of Print Culture

Transnational Feminist Politics, Education, and Social Justice – Post Democracy and Post Truth

Transnational Ecocinema – Film Culture in an Era of Ecological Transformation

Transmission and Processing for Data Center Networking

Translation Under Communism

Translating the Middle Ages

Translating Jazz Into Poetry – From Mimesis to Metaphor

Transitional Justice, Judicial Accountability and the Rule of Law

Transforming the Theological Turn – Phenomenology with Emmanuel Falque

Transforming Practices – Changing the World with the Theory of Practice Architectures

Transforming Inner Mongolia – Commerce, Migration, and Colonization on the Qing Frontier