Creating the New Soviet Woman – Women’s Magazines as Engineers of Female Identity, 1922-53

Creating the Suburban School Advantage – Race, Localism, and Inequality in an American Metropolis

Creating Value from Mergers and Acquisitions – The Challenges (2nd Edition)

Creative Urban Regions – Harnessing Urban Technologies to Support Knowledge City Initiatives

Creativity and Rationale – Enhancing Human Experience by Design

Credit Derivatives – A Primer on Credit Risk, Modeling, and Instruments

Credit Intelligence & Modelling – Many Paths through the Forest of Credit Rating and Scoring

Creole in the Archive – Imagery, Presence and the Location of the Caribbean Figure

Crime and Power

Crime Control and Everyday Life in the Victorian City – The Police and the Public

Crime, Violence and Security in the Caribbean

Crisis and Critique – On the Fragile Foundations of Social Life

Critical Concept Mastery Series – Acid-Base Disturbance Cases

Critical Excess – Watch the Throne and the New Gilded Age

Critical Perspectives on Coercive Interventions – Law, Medicine and Society

Critical Realism in Economics – Development and Debate

Critical Themes in World Music – A Reader for Excursions in World Music (8th Edition)

Critical Sexual Literacy – Forecasting Trends in Sexual Politics, Diversity and Pedagogy

Critical Thinking – A Concise Guide (4th Edition)

Critical Thinking and Learning