Tag: Science

Fundamentals of Complex Analysis Engineering, Science, and Mathematics (3rd Edition)

Iris Runge – A Life at the Crossroads of Mathematics, Science, and Industry

Air Engines – The History, Science, and Reality of the Perfect Engine

The New Politics of Materialism – History, Philosophy, Science

Materials – Engineering, Science, Processing and Design

Materials – Engineering, Science, Processing and Design (4th Edition)

Essential Oils – Art, Agriculture, Science, Industry and Entrepreneurship (A Focus on the Asia-Pacific Region)

Industrial Environmental Management – Engineering, Science, and Policy

The Great Barrier Reef – History, Science, Heritage

Mathematics for Business, Science, and Technology – With MATLAB and Excel Computations (3rd Edition)

Gender and Climate Change – Impacts, Science, Policy

Science, SETI, and Mathematics

Science, Philosophy and Physical Geography

Food Regulation – Law, Science, Policy, and Practice

Women, Science, and Technology – A Reader in Feminist Science Studies (3rd Edition)

Sporting Gender – The History, Science, and Stories of Transgender and Intersex Athletes

Conservation – Economics, Science, and Policy

Science, Freedom, Democracy

The Face of the Earth – Natural Landscapes, Science, and Culture

Information Arts – Intersections of Art, Science, and Technology